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conch tour train

Golf, hike, or take a stroll through the city—whether you’re a lover of history, art, music, theater or architecture, every corner presents a new opportunity and experience. Walk the halls where Harry Truman spent 175 days during his presidency, escaping the harsh winters and the stresses of Capitol Hill. See where Hemingway lived when he wrote his famous work “A farewell To Arms” among others. See, touch and feel the treasures that Mel Fisher discovered against all odds when he finally found the lost Spanish galleon Atocha in 1985. Visit the home of James John Audubon and enjoy the Tennessee Williams, Red Barn or Waterfront Theaters. Take a sunset cruise or hop on a bike and explore our treasure at your own pace or Old Town Trolley or Conch Tour Train. Key West is truly America’s only Caribbean Island.

reef snorkel in key west

Hit the open water in a catamaran and explore the marine wonderland that thrives underneath our waters. Dive on America’s most spectacular reef. Snorkel, fish, dive, parasail, kayak or just soak in the sun—in Key West you’ll never run out of things to do in, on or under the water.

Dine on fresh seafood in historic Old Town, sample homemade conch fritters and margaritas in Mallory Square. Try to catch your breath as the most dramatic hues of red, orange and yellow blaze across the sky when the glorious sun begins to set.

Naturally magnificent and so much more, Key West, Florida is truly paradise.